Monday, March 2, 2009

A little bit of chaos

I'm on a blogging kick today... already posted a couple things on my scrapbooking blog -- -- it will not normally be useful for non-scrappers, but today I featured a font site that is amazing if you want to download some sweet free fonts for other purposes.

Anyhow, since I'm already on blogger, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the clean, orderly, organized world I live in.

As a preface, Hannah's birthday money got split three ways this year... she needed a pair of shoes and I found some adorable black leather Osh Kosh shoes for her for $10, she got to pick out a My Little Pony (that turned out to be very sparkly, very purple, very big-haired and covered in way too many stars... does that surprise anyone?), and we bought fabric to make her another princess dress. Does any single girl really NEED more than one princess dress, you ask? Yes. Obviously. Hannah lives and breathes princess. She wears her Snow White dress so much I have forgotten what her normal clothes look like. She even wears it to her grandparents' house and to the grocery store. It may actually be an extention of herself, I am not sure. She also has four pairs of princess high heels and is already better at using heels at barely three years old than I am at 27. So yes, she does need another one even if its sole purpose is to give Hannah clothing while her first dress is in the laundry. After about 2 seconds of diliberation she chose the "pink one" from "Thleeping Booty". No problem... I already had the pattern and thanks to Grandma Kim she already has shoes to match!

Fast forward to last night. Sewing was going well... I had used the pattern a couple of times before. Lee was entertaining the girls for me so Ginny wouldn't press the sewing machine foot for me and put rows of stitches in random spots on the dress. I just needed to sew on the collar and the peplum (ie that spiky dress layer at the waist on the Sleeping Beauty dress or the fluffy round things on Cinderella's hips) and have Hannah model to get the shoulder straps in the right place. Suddenly I yell out "AAAACCKKKK!!! I RUINED IT!!!" .... apparently my iron was too hot and the collar fabric shrunk to about half its size. Poo.

OK now we get to the chaos... ready?

This morning I packed the girls up to go back to the fabric store. Hannah refused to be parted from her Snow White dress and Snow White shoes, so we struck a compromise... the dress over pants and her new black shoes. Fine... it was going to be a quick trip anyhow. Hannah had other plans though. She wanted to rearrange the entire Joann's store... swapping thread colors, putting spray cans on ladders, unrolling fabric... yes, she was one of "those kids" today. Finally I stuck her in the cart and strapped her in so I could get our fabric cut. It turns out I grabbed dry-clean only and had to wait for the lady to come back with washable stuff. Meanwhile, Hannah is livid in the cart and screaming at the top of her lungs. Fabulous. My normal tricks don't work so we book it through the check out and head home. Just as we get on the freeway Hannah finally decides she wants to tell me something but is so worked up she can't get the words out. I play detective to see if it's a simple answer... Are you mad at Mommy? Are you hurt? Are you hungry? Do you need to go potty? Right before our exit I think she says she needs to pee, and sure enough, when we got home her carseat was soaked.

I worked my mommy-magic and in a few minutes both girls were pottied, changed, dry and in highchairs/boosters snacking on tofu and watching something ridiculous on youtube. Then Hannah informed me that she had to go potty again. So she did... all over her booster. Grrrrrrrrr! Then nap time... Ginny fell asleep for about 2 minutes then woke up when I put her in bed and refused to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. Hannah never slept at all. C'est la vie.

For some reason I decided to sew anyhow. The next hour I engaged in some sort of bizarre dance that involved keeping Ginny (in "attack mode" where she speedily crawls up and lunges for anything she thinks is worthy of being eaten) away from pins, scissors, and the hot iron and keeping Hannah from harming Ginny with her rapid switches from sharing necklaces and forcefully demanding them back. Finally, the collar was finished and Hannah announced once again that she needed to pee. I asked if she could do it herself so I could have time to get anything crucial out of Ginny's reach, but by the time I got to the bathroom, Hannah was tapdancing in a puddle of her own making. Of course I didn't see it before entering the bathroom, so I got to splash around too. And best of all, before I could stop the speedy little ankle-biter, Ginny crawled right in after us, slipped, and went face-first into the puddle.

Hannah got tossed in the shower first, then I got half-soaked dangling Ginny in the shower. The good news is, after she got cleaned up, dried and clothed again, Ginny went right down for a nap. I just left Hannah in the shower for a while. Now she's wandering the house in a towel.

But of course, I'm still determined to keep sewing.


Kim Kautzer said...

NOW I know why you didn't get back to me yesterday! Hahaha.

Girl, you just have me laughing out loud! Who knew real life could be so hilarious. At least to me. From a distance.

Actually, sounds like you got through the day with amazing composure. Good job.

And kiss the princess puddlejumpers for me!

Mandie said...

ahhhh, one of those days...LOL!