Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hannah's bird stories

Hannah has never really told us stories before, but this week she has told me three! I don't remember what the first one was about and it was mostly jibberish, but here's the gist of her second two:

Hannah: A bird! He uh fly! (She starts soaring around like a plane.)
Me: Where is he going?
Hannah: No, Mommy, he uh FLY!!!
Me: Ok, where is he flying?
Hannah: Uh work!
Me: Really? What will he do there?
Hannah: He uh yucky, bleh! (This is what she says when she pretends to eat something that isn't normal to eat... crayons, daddy, stuffed animals, etc.)
Me: They ate him? oh no!
Hannah: (jibberish)
Me: I don't think they ate him, maybe he flew away. What's the bird's name?
Hannah: He uh FLY!!
Me: Yes, but what's his name?
Hannah: (after some debate) Monkey George! He uh NUMMY!!!

This morning:
Me: Hannah, tell Daddy your bird story!
Hannah: Oh, birdy, he uh FLY!
Me: Where did he go?
Hannah: Go uh store! Uh owie hand.
Me: Oh, he went to the store this time? What did he buy?
Hannah: Bird uh BLUE! Owie uh foot.
Me: He hurt his foot? Maybe he's buying band-aids?
Hannah: Uh fly bird. (She waves her hand over her head) Crayon doors. He uh climb fence.
Me: Tell me more.
Hannah: Bird monkey. He uh bird monkey, uh white bird!
Me: What's a bird monkey?
Hannah: He uh yucky! (some jibberish) Hannah uh dinosaur! (Bursts into song) "We ah dinosaur..." (ie Laurie Berkner's We Are the Dinosaurs song)


Kim Kautzer said...

Haha! Cute stories, Hannah-banana!

Karah said...

Ok, March?? You really need to get hoppin' on this blog thing. LOL